PLEASE NOTE:  The prices listed below are non-negotiable and include travel within 30 miles from my home. Appointments booked at service locations beyond a 30 mile radius will be assessed a charge of $0.40 cents per mile. 


Bridal trial & consultation $65 - Trial run of wedding day makeup, face chart, and deposit payment.

Bridal Makeup $75 - 15+ hours of wear, option of air brushing. Includes strip lash. additional $10.00 if cluster lashes are desired. lip kit also included for touch-ups through out the wedding day. 

Bridesmaid $65 - 15+ hours of wear, strip lash included. 

Mother-of-the-Bride/Groom $65 - 15+ hours of wear, strip lash included. 

Junior Bride $45 - (for junior bridesmaids Age 14 and under) any older they will be charged the bridesmaid  amount. lashes not included.(unless charged for over 14)

Any additional wedding parties $65 - Host, Usher, choir, anyone that desires to have their makeup done. 15+ hours of wear and includes strip lash.  




Full Face Makeup $65 - 15+ hours of wear, brow shaping, and strip lash included. 

Prom Makeup $65 - 15+ hours of wear, brow shaping, and strip lash included. 

Photoshoot Makeup $85 - subject to change depending on the look that is desired. strip lash or clusters already included. 

Cluster Lashes $15 - get the look of  natural looking luscious, fuller, thicker, and well-defined lashes. Instead of a strip, we would place multiple clusters on your own lashes to customize the perfect look for you. With proper care can last between 3-14 days.

Strip Lash $10 - lash strips are provided, duo glue is utilized. Stays on for a day.

Brow Shaping $10 - Shaping and filling in the brow area. 

Rhinestones $1 - Any added rhinestones are a dollar a jewel. 



Bronze Package $75- Learn how to properly apply and blend eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara! This is one of the hardest parts of makeup to learn and master. No Worries!!!! I will work with you in a one hour time frame and show you the proper tools and products to use to get that amazing eye look. 

Silver Package $100 - Learn how to properly do your eye makeup, apply foundation, and lip products. Learn how to do a complete look either day or night. In a two hour time frame ill teach you how to use the correct tools and products to their best ability for a flawless application. 

Gold Package $125 - Learn how to fully slay your face as if you have your own personal makeup artist living in your home. You will learn to do everything that is included in both the bronze and silver package. Learning how to take your face from day to night, shaping your brows, and how to apply lashes all within a 2 and a half hour time frame. 

Customized packages or multiple student classes - Have something specific you would like to learn, or more than one student? contact me and we can customize something great for you so we can reach your need together. 


Brow Sculpting $20- No one has the same brow why allow someone to give you a cookie cutter brow? Let me measure you from three points on your face and give you, your perfect brow overtime.

Brow Sculpting & Tint $30- Enjoy the perk of waking up with makeup and getting your perfect brow.

Brow Sculpting & Lip $27

Chin Wax $10- Waxing the entire chin area and down your neck if desired.

Lip & Chin $15

Lip wax $8- waxing the entire upper lip area

Lip, Chin, Sideburns $20

Sideburns $10- Waxing the sideburns as well as the cheek if desired. 

Eyebrow & Lash Tint $15- Enjoy the perks of waking up with makeup. not having to fill in your brows on a daily bases. Or if you have light colored lashes that you wish were darker. 


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