So, today was filled with beauty and good vibes. I didn't think that this of all things would be my first official blog post. But so be...its whatever God lays on your heart right? So short story. I don't know if you all are aware, but I am an employee of a beauty company here in the Charlotte area. I usually don't close with the store because of my position. So the first time ever i was in the store until close last night and a middle aged lady comes and asks for my opinion on good pencil eyeliners that wouldn't smudge or irritate her contacts. I proceeded to give her the run down on eyeliners, their ingredients and colors.  we got to talking and she shared with me that her husband was dying of lung cancer. she said she hasn’t worn makeup since he has gotten sick, and that there really wasn’t a point because he didn’t care and she was just to busy. well before my brain could catch up with my mouth…i found myself saying “ put the liners down…come back tomorrow when i get in at 12. i told her i just wanted to get to know her better. I felt like God had placed her in my path for a reason and that he wasn’t done using me yet. and to tell you the truth i really didn’t know what i was going to do with her when she returned the next day but i just followed my gut. 

I blocked off an hour of my time out of my appointment book…of course i was sketchy at first being that, that was sells I was giving up. But i had to remember that it wasn’t about me. i went home that night after my shift and spoke with my mother. telling her about the lady and asking her to pray for her. mind you my mother is actually a hospice coordinator and grief consulor…so this is right up her ally. she said I was doing the right thing…and that I should just feel my way through the next day.

The lady shows up and she sits in the chair…we discuss how she was doing and such and she told me she did not feel beautiful. Now I’m floored because she has this beautiful long hair, dresses casually but still makes a statement, skin is clear and taunt…and then it turns out she is 63. ( i guess confidence is hard to come by at any age). So at this point i realize that God showed her to me to use my gift on her… Makeup. So i just placed a little eyeshadow, liner, and mascara on her…actually only taking about 15 mins. she loved it! and she lit up from within. It was one of those aha moments oprah is always rambling about. lol. and we use the rest of the time just talking. 

The entire time she is gushing about how beautiful, and sweet i am…of course I’m flattered because I’ve never really saw myself as first class material like she claimed i was. There are a million things i could list about myself that i hate. but as we continued to talk i realized that god was using her for me just like her was using me for him. Today i realized that I’m worth so much more than i always assumed. she taught me that it was my physical traits that made me beautiful…but she let me know that my spirt made me breath taking. tears were shed of course…remind you we are in the middle of my job, but it was a moment i would cherish and share for years to come. 

funny thing is that after it all she had let me know she doesn’t even like being touched. but the lord had told her to stand down and let go. she gave me a kiss on the cheek and strolled out with her head high. This made me love what i do even more…something that was once just a hobby, turned career, is now a true blessing to others. i finally know the meaning of using your gift for God and good. 

So I’m on cloud nine the rest of the day…everything is going good and well. fastest 8 hour shift I’ve ever done. lol. I get home and do the regular…check emails, instagram, pinterest and Facebook. I come across the dove commercial that has just surfaced. were you are to pick a door…either beautiful or average. best commercial they have made to date! And you listen to all these women and how they feel about them selves, and their perceptions on why they thought they should go through either door. Women i thought were stunning had entered the average door. 

I really didn’t understand. but i thought about it…if was were in the situation i probably would have done the same. In my eyes, my breasts are to small, my butt is flat. I have stretch marks from carrying my daughter. My lips are to big, my birthmark consumes my face. have breakouts and malasma…my hair doesn’t hang down my back like other women. we are our own worse critics. but to the lady that showed me so much today probably would have had me hold my head high and walk through the beautiful door. 


Confidence…Its a simple word but can absolutely change your life. it make a difference in everything you do. Its the fine line between feeling like your nothing and scared, and that you are everything and so powerful. Be that everything, be unstoppable, be a conquerer. refuse to let it consume you…don’t let your lack of confidence and self love stop you from being great. 

get out of your comfort zone: when you stay where you are comfortable you don’t grow. don’t let your negative thinking keep you where you don’t belong. everyone was created to move up and forward. 

Be Yourself- and don’t be sorry about it. Your living for you and no one else. You are you for a reason. if everyone was the same, we would live a boring life in a very boring world. Everyone was created for a reason. live and love in your purpose. 

Acknowledge your fears: everyone has a fear. weather it be rejection, speaking, doing something new. acknowledge it and run that bitch over. because  a lot of the time that fear is keeping you from going to new heights. My fear is rejection…and i care to much about what people think. me having a youtube and opening my life to people is a huge thing for me. Im opening up myself and my life for people to come in and judge me. On everything. but Im choosing to be great…i will be great! i refuse to settle for anything bring it on. 

Being perfect: no one is…let it go. end of story. everyone makes mistakes. 

Celebrate your milestones: remind yourself often of how awesome you are. those many celebrations remind you of how far you’ve come and how much closer you are to where you want to be. it might not happen right away but your getting there and your making it. It may not be easy. there are so many bumps in the road but the reward in the end is going to be so well worth it. 

what makes you feel good: weather it be a physical aspect on your body, a song, a quote, poem, or just a picture. use it! use it to your advantage. let it get you pumped to slay and kill whatever you are trying to overcome. 

Do whats best for you…know your worth and never settle. Body language is an important part. carry your beauty in you speech, walk and life style. Let them know who you are before they even get to know you.

When shit ever hits the fan …things don’t go your way…so be it. it didn’t work out. either drop it or try again. don’t beat yourself up…things don’t happen over night and we are not perfect. 

Find the power within to start changing your wold. feeling confident is one part of living a happier, more fulfilling life.

But what make you feel beautiful, confident, and just over all awesome? i would love to know!!!!