For a long time, I just knew my life was preparing me to become an art teacher. But while living overseas with my military family as a teen, I discovered a passion for a different kind of art, a new obsession that just wouldn't go away!  I mean, here I was. In high school. Getting ready for proms and graduations. And I couldn't find one professional make up artist to help me out during these major events in my life. I've always loved art and design, so I tried my hand at solving my own problem. And I kept trying and trying until the beauty bug officially bit. In 2009, I packed my bags. I moved from Germany back to Columbia, SC, to pursue a career in cosmetology. 

After graduating and earning my license from Paul Mitchell The School in 2010, I started working at a small salon in Columbia. I loved watching my artwork transform a woman's entire demeanor. Slumped shoulders straightened. Smiles broadened. And their eyes gleamed. Even the way my clients spoke about themselves would take on such a beautiful transformation! My little high school problem had turned into a real live life-changing career.

I spent the next few years continuing to perfect my craft and gain more experience. I moved to Charlotte, NC, in 2012 and worked at diverse salons and beauty retailers.  I was professionally trained and certified by celebrity makeup artist Debra Detrick., who's worked on the set of blockbuster hits like The Matrix and with actress Sandra Oh, famously known for her role as Dr. Yang on Grey’s Anatomy.  And in January 2016, Takory Shauntrell Artistry opened its doors! 



Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, each of us is to exercise them accordingly.

- Romans 12:6 -